Client Data Integration Options

This page describes the integration options that Credit Clear client has to send or receive the data

Data In

Credit Clear supports the following ways to receive data:

File based integration

Clients can choose to send us data using files. Below are the transfer mechanisms supported for file-based integration. For details about file format and contents, please refer to the the next section

Option 1: Credit Clear SFTP Gateway

With SFTP you have the option to automate the file upload to Credit Clear on your end and securely transmit the file to us.

Client Checklist

  • Raise a support ticket with the Credit Clear team to set up the integration with the SFTP Gateway. Provide the following details in the support ticket for us to action:
    • Generate an SSH Private-Public key pair for authentication and provide Credit Clear with the public key.
    • Provide Credit Clear with your outbound IP addresses so we allow SFTP traffic from your servers.
  • Once Credit Clear receives the public key, we will set up the SFTP user for the client and provide the username.
  • Additionally, you may be required to add Credit Clear’s SFTP FQDN ( to your “Allow list.” Please check with your IT/Security teams regarding this step.


For security reasons and to maintain separation between environments, we need to create a separate SFTP user for UAT. This requires the client to generate a separate SSH Private-Public key pair.

Option 2: Web upload

The web upload option is for clients who prefer to upload their data files to Credit Clear or ARMA manually.

Client Checklist

  • Initiate a support ticket with Credit Clear digital team to obtain a password-protected, anonymous upload URL.
  • Use the URL and the password to access the web upload page.
  • Upload the files to the web upload page.

Credit Clear API Integration

This option is available for advanced clients who are looking to automate the data-in process through API. The API documentation can be found here

Client Checklist

  • Refer to the API documentation and follow the steps of integrating their data with Credit Clear.
  • Request API access provisioning by contacting the Credit Clear digital team through a support ticket.
  • Use the API key and the endpoint URL to transmit data to Credit Clear.

Data Out

Credit Clear supports the following ways to receive data from clients:

Option 1: Credit Clear SFTP Gateway

The client can receive the return/ reconciliation files or reports through Credit Clear SFTP Gateway.

  • For traditional loads, the ARMA team manually push the file through the Credit Clear web interface to the “download” sub-folder within the client folder.
  • For digital-only clients, the file is pushed to SFTP through an automated data egress process.

Either way, the client can view and download the file through the Credit Clear SFTP gateway.

SFTP/ Credit Clear folder structure

Both SFTP and Credit Clear feature an identical folder structure to enhance consistency and user-friendliness:

  • uploads: Clients manually import files via ARMA into this folder.
  • uploads-automated: Files processed through CCR Digital find their place in this folder.
  • downloads: This folder serves as the destination for return files and reports, conveniently accessible through the Credit Clear SFTP gateway.

Option 2: Email

The other option to send the files to the client is via email.

  • ARMA team can manually send emails with files to clients in the case of traditional loads.
  • For digital-only clients, return files are emailed through the data egress process.


Warning: Sending files via email is not recommend. Any PII information will be not sent via email.